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Quality and craftsmanship are consistent in all dentures offered by Pickett Dental Laboratory. Our Standard, Premium, and Economy dentures differ only in the aesthetic quality of teeth, as specified by the dentist. New dentures as well as repairs and relines are processed with Ivoclar Pro-Base Hot or Pro-Base Cold methyl methacrylate acrylics.

Teeth are selected from shades and moulds offered by Ivoclar Vivodent, Unidesa Odilux, Major P Plus Composite, Ivoclar Vivodent PE, and Unidesa Ortolux. The denture shown above was fabricated using economy level teeth.

Astron Vinyl Denture


The Astron 1180 Denture offers the following advantages over traditional acrylic dentures:

1. Non-allergenic and color stable. Astron 1180 Dentures are non-allergenic and color stable. The Astron 1180 Vinyl denture is an ideal alternative for patients who have demonstrated sensitivities to traditional acrylic dentures, specifically methyl methacrylate necessary in the fabrication of acrylic dentures.
2. Tougher and more resilient. Astron 1180 Dentures possess the properties of a pure vinyl, resulting in a toughness and resiliency not possible in acrylic dentures, which are very hard and brittle. The Astron 1180 Denture is therefore ideal for patients with a history of cracking or breaking dentures linearly down the palate.
3. Dimensionally stable, better fit. Astron 1180 Dentures are formulated with a vinyl resin that has less porosity and a lower water and alcohol absorption rate (when compared to acrylic dentures). The Astron 1180 Denture is the ONLY denture that may be left out of water without warpage.

Also available in clear shade for fabrication of nightguards.


In addition to traditional press-packed dentures, Pickett Dental Laboratory offers the added value of dentures processed with the SR IVOCAP injection system. The SR Ivocap System was introduced in 1975, and since then, many quality laboratories have taken advantage of this exceptionally precise processing system.

Please visit Pickett Dental Laboratory's Online Forms page for information about the forms and documents that you may download. These include lab slips, fee schedules, information about Pickett Dental Laboratory's discount program, and manufacturer product brochures.

Pickett Dental Laboratory is a participant in the Arizona Dental Foundation's mission "to provide education and statewide charitable dentistry to children, elderly, and special needs populations."

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