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The password-protected documents and forms on this web site (described below) offer information that is intended for use only by dental professionals, such as a dental office or dental laboratory. The password may be obtained by contacting Pickett Dental Laboratory by email or phone. The same password may be used on any of these documents.

Lab slips do not require a password. You may download and print blank lab slips, or you may complete them online and then print. A duplicate lab slip for your records will be completed automatically when you fill out the lab slip online. See below for instructions on completing lab slips online.



Click here to access Pickett Dental Laboratory's online lab slips (Adobe PDF document). Adjust the document size to 100% or greater if necessary. There are two lab slips in the document, as shown in the illustration on the left. You may print blank lab slips for future use, or complete them online as needed. The information you enter online in the fields of either lab slip will be duplicated in the second lab slip. A completed lab slip can be printed only, not saved.

Enter your information in any field then press your Tab key (or Enter key, whichever works). Alternatively, you may use your mouse to navigate through the fields. Enter your information in any field, then move your mouse to the next field and click the left mouse button. The information you have entered in the previous field will then be duplicated in the second lab slip. Continue to input your information until both lab slips are complete, then print. Retain one copy of the lab slip for your records.

Please contact Pickett Dental Laboratory for the password that is required to access these documents. Click on the images to view the full Adobe PDF documents.

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